sinergica toscana, the future the earth is asking for

Flower Power Tuscany, Produzione di Cannabis Light, la prima coltivata biologicamente e venduta in Maremma Toscana.

about & mission

We grow organic Cannabis Sativa L., producing high quality and highly crafted artisanal herb: certified inflorescences and resins rich in CBD, germinated by fully traceable hemp seeds.

Flower Power Tuscany’s hemp cultivation takes place in the agricultural oasis between the Argentario and Capalbio areas of Maremma, Tuscany. Our farm Sinergica Toscana (“Tuscan Synergy”) operates within our home ecosystem that we help to build and steward.

With the mission of promoting health, wellbeing, education and culture, our dream is to create a golden cradle of Cannabis Sativa production in the Maremma, Tuscany region, through an integrated supply chain project, from seed to finished product.

We adopt the cultivation techniques of Synergistic Agriculture and Permaculture because of our profound respect for the the power of plants, and use no chemical substances in our growing.

Thanks to the use of over 60 varieties of ‘companion’ plants that naturally support the growth of Cannabis Sativa, our ecosystem feeds, protects and regenerates itself.

Our methods of sustainable agriculture not only involve the responsible enrichment of the land, but help to grow more fertile and stable soil, thanks to the synergy created by the power of different plant varieties working together.

Sinergica Toscana opera nell’ecosistema colturale di cui noi stessi siamo progettisti e custodi.
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